Additional Organizations and Groups in Our Schools

Our schools and other areas of the University offer additional diversity and cultural groups.

Columbus School of Law

  • This council assists the Dean of the Law School in achieving the school's goals to attract, maintain, and support a diverse and inclusive community.

  • This program is designed to support students in the Columbus School of Law through activities such as networking and one-on-one mentoring and career advice from faculty members.

  • This association promotes awareness of contemporary issues which affect Asian Pacific Americans. It sponsors lectures and panel discussions on a wide range of political, social, and legal topics, works closely with members of the Asian Pacific Bar Association and is a member of the National Asian Pacific American Law Students Association.

  • This association is dedicated to the advancement of black students and the black community through the law profession.

  • LALSA is dedicated to the advancement of the Latino community through law and provide a healthy academic environment for latino law students

  • The Program is an effort to empower our Hispanic students at all stages of their legal careers through community and one-on-one mentoring and career advice from Hispanic faculty members.

School of Architecture and Planning

  • This organization aims to address racism in the field of architecture.

School of Engineering

  • This group helps increase the number of Hispanic engineering students and promotes their advancement in education and employment.

Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art

  • This committee works to investigate past, current, and ongoing practices to promote racial equality in all aspects of School operations.

National Catholic School of Social Service

  • This taskforce provides leadership on best practices in developing and sustaining an inclusive School of Social Service.


  • This initiative is designed to foster a diverse community through continual assessment, educational programming, respectful dialogue, service and engagement in the department of athletics.