2019-2020 Graduate

U.S. Graduate Students
Estimate Full-Time Cost of Attendance1 On Campus Off Campus
Tuition2(Base Allowance) $48,000 $48,000
Fee(Activity) Allowance $640 $640
Room and Board Allowance $13,950 N/A
Direct Costs3 $62,590 $48,640
Off-Campus Room Allowance6 N/A $13,950
Books Allowance $700 $700
Personal Allowance $4,572 $4,572
Transportation Allowance $2,296 $2,296
Estimated Loan Fees (if pursuing loans) $1,174 $1,174
Indirect Costs4 $8,742 $22,692
Total cost $71,332* $71,332*
1 Budgets are provided for student planning purposes only, individual student bill will vary.
2 Estimated tuition for engineering and architecture students is slightly higher at $48,560. Estimated tuition for NCSSS is $31,040. Estimated tuition for Canon Law (9 credits per semester) is $29,700.
3 Direct Costs are charges that are billed directly to the student by the university.
4 Indirect Costs are expenses that are not directly billed to the student by the university.
6 If living with parent, your "Off-Campus Room Allowance" is reduced to cover only Board. ($3,116 Food)
* Figures do not include the cost of Health Insurance which you may be required to purchase if you are not already covered by your own (or parent) health plan. Personal Allowance includes the average cost of health insurance.
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