’s 135-year history of scholarship, innovation and collaboration establishes a fertile bedrock to prepare you for your scholarly and career ambitions. Our research prowess and academic rigor will enable you to push the boundaries of human knowledge. And our international community thrives as they aspire to change the world.

Join us in Washington, D.C., in your pursuit of truth.

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    Arts and Sciences

    Rooted in the belief that the ordered universe is the foundation of all research and knowledge
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    Advancing theory and application to produce professionals who can solve the world’s grand challenge

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    Business and Management

    Programs tailored to those passionate about leading the next generation of changemakers

The D.C. Advantage

has D.C.’s largest and greenest campus that is 15 minutes from the U.S. Capitol, affording unique opportunities and unparalleled access to the U.S.’s top scientific research institutions, libraries, and cultural centers.

Arts and Sciences Programs

STEM Certified

“The overall purpose of the (PHaSER) is to enable scientific research in the Heliophysics Division at NASA Goddard to study the transport of energy, in the form of  particles and radiation from the sun through interplanetary space and its effects on Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere.”

Bob Robinson, director of PHaSER and research professor of physics at

Engineering Programs

STEM Certified

Engineering Traditions

Albert F. Zahm built America’s first wind tunnel equipped with instruments for scientific study here in 1901. And our engineers collaborate with researchers in the U.S. Navy facilities working on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Business and Management Programs


“The research focus of the is centered on clinical risk assessment with different suicidal populations. Our Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) emphasizes empathy, collaboration, honesty, and a singular focus on treating and eliminating suicidal thoughts and behaviors.”

, professor of psychology