Kapaun in Army Uniform

Servant of God

Father Emil Kapaun received a master’s degree from in 1948. He was captured by the North Koreans in 1950 while serving as a U.S. Army chaplain and was killed by his captors while a prisoner of war. President Obama awarded him the Medal of Honor in 2013.

In 1993 the Church began the process that might lead to his canonization; he is now a Servant of God. Either one of these distinctions is, by all standards, remarkable, but for one person to receive both indicates a significant life. Emil Kapaun was a good student at . He took classes in McMahon Hall; he walked on our campus; he made friends and was liked by all who met him. He represents the best of military traditions and Church life, and is an inspiration to all of us — especially to student veterans attending .