Admitted first-year and transfer students may request in writing that their admission be deferred to a future semester. Admitted students can defer for up to one year - i.e. applicants for the fall term may defer to the following spring or fall terms, but no further. Students are not eligible to start their undergraduate career during the summer term. NOTE: Students who wish to defer their admission to the Conway School of Nursing must choose the full-year deferral option. Course sequencing requires nursing students to begin their enrollment in the fall term.

Deferrals are granted on a case by case basis to students who encounter unforeseen opportunities or circumstances. The request should include a brief description of the reason for the deferral and an explanation about how the student will spend their time. Students whose deferral requests are granted will be guaranteed admission to the approved future term along with any merit scholarships earned. Need-based financial assistance is not guaranteed and must be applied for annually. Students who have successfully completed auditions are also guaranteed admission into their specialty program.

Students may request a deferral as an admitted student (prior to deposit) or after the submission of the non-refundable enrollment deposit. For admitted first-year students, the deadline to request a deferral is May 1. Students who have submitted their enrollment deposit can request a deferral until August 1.

Transfer students who have been offered admission may request a deferral up to 30 days after their offer of admission. Students who have submitted their enrollment deposit can request a deferral until August 1 for the fall term, or December 15 for the spring term.

Students who are granted a deferment may not enroll as a degree-seeking student or on a full-time basis at a different institution during that year and may only take a maximum of 6 credits per semester (12 credits total) throughout the deferral period. Official copies of transcripts indicating academic coursework taken while deferring must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission at least 30 days prior to beginning of the new start term. In the event there are changes that are negative and significant to a student's deferred application, the Committee on Admission reserves the right to revoke a deferred candidate's offer of admission. Students who enroll after deferring will be evaluated for credit, student status, and financial aid.

Deferral requests should be sent to Mark Ciolli, Dean of Undergraduate Admission, at 

Verto Education Partnership 

Students considering a gap year may wish to consider ’s partnership with . Verto Education offers an international first-year experience that allows students to graduate within four years. Our partnership with Verto Education allows students admitted to to enroll through an accredited overseas academic program for a half or full year by combining academic credit with a well-rounded international experience.

 The most distinctive advantage for students is the opportunity to pursue full-time study to remain on track to graduate in four years. For students participating in a Verto Education program, waives the college credit limit that is a standard part of our deferral policy. We have already reviewed the courses students may take during their Verto experience and we guarantee that each course will fulfill either a core curriculum requirement or will be accepted as elective credit. To learn more, please visit .