is taking action to address the most pressing safety and security concerns in and around the campus. We will secure our faculty, staff, students, and guests through safety initiatives, collaboration, prayer, dedication, and hard work. Together we can make everyone at safe and welcome.

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    Residence Hall and Office Safety

    When it comes to safety in your residence hall or office, being proactive is key. 

    • Ensure doors are locked, whether in a shared residence or an individual office space.
    • Never prop open external doors to maintain the security of the building. 
    • Keep valuables secured, preferably in a locked drawer or cabinet, and consider engraving identification on expensive items to deter theft.
    • Familiarize yourself with the fire evacuation plan and take note of fire alarm locations.
    • Avoid letting strangers into the building without proper verification.
    • If someone requests access and you’re unsure of their identity or purpose, it’s perfectly reasonable to direct them to contact Public Safety.
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    Safety and Security at

    Keeping our campus community safe is a top priority of the University. Through efforts led by our Department of Public Safety (DPS) — including new security initiatives and educational materials — everyone at CatholicU can feel safe and welcome.

    Community Safety Tips & Emergency Info

    Watch our “Run. Hide. Fight.” video with tips on what to do in an active threat situation on campus.

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    Safety Initiatives Dashboard

    Keep track of the University’s latest safety and security initiatives that are helping protect our campus community.

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University Articles, Statements, and Events

Recent university articles, statements from our president, safety newsletters, and the latest events for our community.

University Articles:

Communications from Our President:

Keep Catholic Safe Newsletters:

Campus Events

  • November 13 Residence Hall Safety Walk

    University leadership is holding a residence hall safety walk to understand the flow of residence hall traffic and to ensure the proper safety measures are being taken to protect the members of our community in residence halls. 
  • September–October Women’s Self-Defense Classes

    Classes will be offered to teach basic self-defense tactics for women on campus.
  • September–October Safety Workshops in Residence Halls

    The Department of Public Safety will offer workshops in student residence halls about how to stay safe both on and off campus.
  • September–October DPS Safety Chats on the Nest

    The Department of Public Safety will offer Safety Chats hosted on , ’s online hub for information about student activities and organizations. These chats will provide safety tips to the campus community and their families.
  • September 13 DPS Student Presentation in Partnership with FBI

    FBI Agent Daniel McCoy will give a presentation to students to raise awareness of the dangers of Fentanyl and Opioids. The presentation will take place in the Pryzbyla Center.
  • August 16 Night Safety Walk

    leadership and DPS gathered and walked throughout the University campus to ensure the proper safety measures are being taken to protect the members of our community at night.
  • July 27 Parents Town Hall

    President Kilpatrick addressed parents in light of the recent incidents of crime.
  • July 26 Campus Town Hall

    President Kilpatrick addressed faculty, staff, and students in light of the recent incidents of crime.
  • July 25 Campus Safety Walk

    leadership, DPS, MPD, and other community stakeholders gathered and walked the perimeter of the University campus to understand the flow of foot traffic and to ensure the proper safety measures are being taken to protect the members of our  community.

  • July 20 St. Michael’s Mass for Community Peace and Healing

    The community was invited to gather for a special mass to ask for peace and healing in our Brookland neighborhood. 

  • July 10 Safety Town Hall

    Larry Morris hosted a safety town hall for those who work in Father O’Connell to address concerns surrounding campus safety and security following the murder of Maxwell Emerson.
  • July 6 Vigil

    community gathered outside Father O’Connell Hall Thursday, July 6, to pray for the recently slain Maxwell Emerson. Rev. Aquinas Guilbeau, O.P., University chaplain and director of Campus Ministry, led a prayer service for the Kentucky teacher who was shot Wednesday morning on Michigan Ave., and was discovered outside O’Connell Hall. 

Recent Media Coverage

Recent news coverage highlighting our safety activities, aggregated from local DC news sources.

  • WUSA9:  — September 2, 2023
  • WJLA:  — August 16, 2023
  • WRC:  — August 16, 2023
  • NBC4 Washington:  — July 25, 2023
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  • WJLA: — July 21, 2023
  • WJLA:
    — July 19, 2023
  • WUSA9: —
    July 19, 2023
  • Catholic Review:
    — July 19, 2023
  • FOX 5 Washington DC:
    — July 19, 2023
  • WTOP: — July 19, 2023
  • DC News Now: —
    July 18, 2023
  • Washington Post: —
    July 18, 2023

Safety Tips: Important Reminders When On or Off Campus

Follow these tips to help keep yourself and others safe. 

  • Stay alert, confident, and aware of your surroundings. Walk purposefully and make eye contact with people around you. Trust your instincts.
  • Put the phone down when walking around and keep your eyes up.
  • Be wary of strangers asking for money
  • Avoid alleys, shortcuts, and vacant lots. Stick to well-lighted, busy streets.
  • Walk with a companion or group whenever possible.
  • If you are being followed, abruptly change directions, stay in a well-lighted area, and seek safety in a public building
  • Think about jogging or running if you believe that you are being followed
  • If on campus, locate the nearest emergency telephone. Off-campus, dial "911"
  • After dark, or when there's a concern for your personal safety on campus, call the Campus Police for an escort at 202-319-5111
  • Use the campus Shuttle/Loop Bus Service
  • Know the location of emergency telephones (use our to find emergency phone locations)
  • Avoid displaying cash in public. Use ATMs during daylight hours only.

*Safety Video*

Watch our “Run. Hide. Fight.” video with tips on what to do in an active threat situation on campus.

Emergency Contacts

On Campus:
202-319-5111 (Department of Public Safety)

Off Campus:
Dial 911


rave-600.jpgRave App Download
Turn your cell phone into a personalized safety device by downloading the FREE Rave Guardian application, available for  and  devices. Rave Guardian features include an Emergency GPS Locator, Safety Timer, and easy one-touch dialing of safety officials, .

Department of Public Safety

Learn more from ’s Department of Public Safety.