There are so many questions that spark curiosity in the world around us. How can AI help the world of healthcare? What is a vaccine made of? What role can DNA nanotechnology play? Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all knowledge of God’s creation, and for students who feel it is their calling to answer these big questions, these programs are the perfect choice.


At , we take real-world problems and bring them into the classroom — we take research opportunities from D.C. and bring them to our very own laboratories. Better yet, we make sure research doesn’t end when the bell rings. We provide students with connections to hands-on internships and co-ops.

We’re just a seven-minute Metro ride from the heart of Washington D.C., and the heart of breakthrough research. Our campus’s very own “Brookland-CUA” stop offers a streamline to discovery. Students here get access to major research institutions, labs, and federal agencies to intern, learn from, and start their careers upon graduating.

Majors, Minors, and other Programs

From math to nursing, to electrical engineering, offers a variety of academic programs to suit your interests. Check out a few of our STEM majors, minors, certificates, and concentrations. 

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